Theta Chi Realty Corp IU House Capital Fund
House Sound System Donation Form Drive 2022

The Realty Corp is the landlord for the Alpha Iota Chapter of Theta Chi. Our board and ownership is made up of the Alumni of the Alpha Iota Chapter. Our mission is to continually upgrading the chapter house at IU to help create the live in experience for the AI members. We are working on approving plans to demolish the upstairs living area and bathrooms and replace with new updated living areas. This will help to complete our fire protection system and lowering our operating and maintenance expenses. The AI members are looking forward to this work being completed. Here is an opportunity for Parents and Alumni to help leave your mark on improving the quality of living quarters for your sons and their brothers. Your donation will aid in giving them a quality facility while they create business relationships friendships and memories of living in the Chapter House like we did. Let us know if you have any questions on where the donation will be used. You can also contribute larger amounts would be appreciated. We can discuss contributions for special projects by reaching out to Tom Cooler to discuss. Let us know when you may be at IU and would like to set up a time to tour the Chapter House. Their are various levels of donating recognition: Founders: $50,000 and up Platinum: $30,000 and up Gold: $20,000 and up Silver: $10,000 and up Bronze: $5,000 and up Brotherhood: $500 and up

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