Annual Alumni Dues
Pi Kappa Alpha

<div align="left">Thank you for contributing to the Annual Alumni Dues Fund. Your generosity will help maintain our home and organization for years to come!<p> We'd like to assure you 100% of your pledge (after the processing fee) will go into one of two accounts. The details are listed below:<ul> <li>Dick Stewart Memorial Fund (DSM) - This account helped us complete the renovation and needs to be replenished so it can help us again in the future. <li>General Alumni Board Fund (GAB) - This is a general fund for the Alumni Board. Any money withdrawn from this account must be preceded by a majority vote of the Alumni Board. Some possibilities would be House improvements, Homecoming/Founders Day Events, Sending more actives to Conferences, etc.<p> The Amount of your donation will split the money the following ways:<ul> <li>Garnett Donation (suggested) $75:<ul> <li>Half to DSM & GAB each. The form defaults to $55, but you can change the amount. To increase or decrease the amount, just retype the amount you'd like to give and we'll make sure it goes in the right section.</ul> <li>Gold Donation $100+:<ul> <li>Anything above $75 can be spent on the fund of your choosing. To select where you'd like the money to go, please enter it in the notes. If you'd like us to decide where we need it most, simply leave the notes section blank. For example, if you gave $110* and chose to donate to the General Alumni Board Fund:<ul> <li>$75 to the General Fund <li>$25 to the Dick Stewart Memorial Fund<br></ul><p> <b>*Estimate with processing fee adjusted after cost.</b></ul><p> <li>Voting Donation $25:<ul> <li>Will go completely in GAB. This is designed to make it accessible to help at any level. This will replace the $20 fee we normally collect to vote at Homecoming. From previous trends, this will probably be most utilized by recent Alumni as student loans have skyrocketed since many of us were in school.</ul></ul><p> If you have any questions, please contact Mike Jackson at 248-840-0706

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